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We sell a full range of pasteurised milk (whole, semi-skimmed and fully-skimmed) from our pedigree Holstein cows, as well as whole milk from our pedigree Guernsey cows. All milk is available in 1pint glass bottles as well as 1pint, 2 pint and 2Litre plastic bottles and 3 gallon pergalls.

The ‘Gold Top’ whole milk, from our Guernsey cows is 95.2% fat-free.  This milk is more yellow in colour due to higher levels of beta carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, as well as higher levels of beta casein and omega 3. 

The whole milk from our Holsteins is 96.2% fat-free.  The semi-skimmed is made by mixing the whole milk with a percentage of fully-skimmed milk and is 98.3% fat-free.  The fully-skimmed milk is 99.9% fat-free.  

These fat percentages are approximate and can slightly fluctuate with the introduction of spring grass.


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You can now order your deliveries online, using our new system.

Our milk is pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves gently heating the milk to 74 degrees C, holding it at this temperature for 15 seconds and then rapidly cooling it. We pasteurise the milk to kill-off any naturally occurring bacteria and using this process means that the cream still rises to the top of the bottle.  Baristas find that using pasteurised milk results in their latte art holding its shape for longer!

Our milk is not homogenised, like some supermarket milk. Homogenisation is a process where the fat globules of milk are broken down into smaller molecules by being blasted at high pressure through tiny pinholes, so they disperse within the milk rather than rise to the top.


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