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Hinxden Cows

Here at Hinxden we know that happy, content cows will give lots of rich, creamy milk. As a result of our care, we are proud to hold Red Tractor Farm Assurance Status. This means that our cow welfare meets the high standards required on British farms and gives customers confidence that the milk is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

We have bred generations of pedigree Guernsey and Holstein cattle; each one has its own name and passport.  The 2 herds of milking cows and the young calves live at home (Hinxden) while the youngstock and dry cows live on our rented farm on the Hole Park estate in Rolvenden.



The calves are raised in groups of 5 and are fed 2.5L of milk, by us, twice a day, until they are approximately 12 weeks old. They also drink water and eat straw and calf nuts before they are then weaned and head over to Hole Park.

They grow up at Hole Park in large straw barns, eating home grown silage in the winter and graze outside in the beautiful parkland in spring, summer and autumn. 

They are pregnant for nine months and give birth to their first calf at just over two years old when they then join the main herds of milking cows at Hinxden.



The cows are milked twice a day, 4.30am and 3pm. In winter, they much prefer to be indoors, sleeping in large dry straw barns and eating home grown grass and maize silage as part of a Total Mixed Ration, carefully balanced to contain all the vitamins and minerals for complete cow health. In spring, summer and autumn, the cows enjoy playing and grazing our lush pastures.

The Guernseys love sun-bathing while the Holsteins are often to be found in the shade provided by the ancient trees and hedgerows that surround each field.

Each cow has a 2month holiday from milking every year before they are due to calve with their next calf. This is called their dry period. This dry period is for the cows to enjoy eating, drinking and relaxing. 


Our Cows
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Our Farming Year

Calves are born all year round so we can supply milk all year round. We aim to calve groups of heifers around November and April.

Please click the seasons below to find out more about what is happening on the farm throughout the year.


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