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Proud to hold Red Tractor Farm Assurance Status

Producers of award winning Kentish dairy products from our own cows.

Hinxden Farm Dairy is a family run dairy farm based in Kent, home to the Manford family for the past four generations. 

Award winning pedigree Holstein and Guernsey cows

Our herds of Pedigree Holstein and Guernsey cows graze in the Garden of England. We pasteurise and bottle the milk, as well as make cream, yogurt, crème fraîche, cheese and butter.

Our delivery service

Our team of milkmen and women deliver our milk and other dairy products to homes within a 10- mile radius of the farm in Benenden. We also deliver to cafes, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, tearooms, shops and schools across Kent and East Sussex.

From grass to glass

Our Fields
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Our Fields

We grow, harvest and store grass and maize to feed our cows during the winter. All the fields close to the farmyard are grass fields for our cows to graze during spring, summer and autumn. 

Summer Cows
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Our Cows

Our 2 herds of pedigree Guernsey and Holsteins then convert the grass and maize into nutritious, creamy milk.

Local Milk
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Our Milk

We then pasteurise and bottle the milk and create other dairy products on the farm and distribute to homes and businesses locally.

The Manford family settled at Hinxden Farm in Benenden in 1930 with just 6 cows. Siblings, John and Thomasine increased cow numbers and acres over the years, as land became available to rent or buy.

We have continued to increase the number of cows over the years to 250 and now have 7 refrigerated vans on the road.


The Manford family have been processing and delivering milk for 30 years.


Our award winning milk is pasteurised, bottled and delivered within 24 hours of leaving the cow’s udder. Our customers get the freshest milk with cream that rises to the top. 


Holding red tractor status ensures you can buy our products with confidence. 

Our Products

Our award-winning dairy products are enjoyed throughout Kent in homes, cafes and restaurants.  We are also able to provide extra groceries with your doorstep delivery such as eggs, juice and water.


We sell a full range of pasteurised milk (gold top, whole, semi- skimmed and fully skimmed).


We make double, single and whipping cream in 142ml and 250ml pots and larger for wholesale.


Whole milk and low-fat yogurt in 12 different flavours available in 150ml pots & larger for wholesale

Crème Fraîche

Our award-winning crème fraîche is available in 220ml pots, 1L and 2.5L buckets.

Cheese & Butter

Our cheeses and butter are made for us by the Cheesemakers of Canterbury.

Orange Juice
Other Items

Free range eggs , Sparkling and Still Spring Water, Princes Orange & Apple Juice.

taste of Kent award - creme fraiche finalist 2020
OKA 2020 finalist farm diversification
produced in kent
Taste of Kent 2024


Hinxden Farm Dairy
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