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Cream is produced as a result of the pasteurised whole milk going through a separator. The separator spins the milk at high speed and has 2 spouts – one pours out double cream, the other releases skimmed milk. We also make single and whipping cream by adding a percentage of skimmed milk into the double cream.

Our 2 breeds of cows are kept and milked separately so we can offer milk and cream from them both:

The cream from the Holstein cows is almost white in colour and is easy to pour.  It is available in 142ml and 284ml pots for retail and 1pint and 2L bottles for catering.

Our award-winning Guernsey cream is thicker and yellower in colour and is available in 142ml and 250ml retail pots and 1L and 2.5L buckets for catering.  Enjoy our cream gently whisked up on scones, cakes or pour onto desserts.

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