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Tams Tripple

Both our cheeses and butter are made for us by the Cheesemakers of Canterbury using our Guernsey cows’ milk. The cheeses are named after the late Winifred Grace and Thomasine Ann Manford, known as Tam. Sisters in law and business partners from 1981.

Winnies Wheel is a Camembert style cheese. Pop it in the oven for 10minutes and serve with crusty bread as a starter or simply add to your cheese board with grapes.

The Tams Tipple is a cheddar style cheese. Deep yellow in colour with a strong flavour. Great for making cheese sauces or toppings, or with crackers as a snack.

The Kentish Cowslip butter is a salted butter, freshly churned by the Cheesemakers of Canterbury using our cream. Perfect for smothering over your morning toast or seasonal asparagus.

We are pleased to now also be able to offer two unpasteurised cheeses, made locally at Kingscott Dairy.

Kingcott Blue is a lightly-veined, semi-soft blue cheese with mellow flavours and Kentish Blue is a firm but creamy cheese with tangy blue flavours. Both of these cheeses are suitable for vegetarians.

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