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What’s the difference between Guernsey cows’ milk and Holstein cows’ Milk?

Guernsey milk is more yellow in colour due to higher Beta Carotene levels and it has a higher butter fat content, with a cream line clearly visible in the bottle. It also has more Omega 3 and Beta Casein than Holstein milk. We offer Guernsey whole milk which has a gold/orange lid. The Holsteins’ milk is available as whole, semi skimmed and fully skimmed.

Is your milk organic?

No we are not organic, we are Red Tractor Farm Assured. Our cows are treated on the advice of our vets and the crops that are grown for the cows to eat are responsibly sprayed and fertilised to ensure optimum quality.

Do you sell raw milk?

Our milk is pasteurised, but not homogenised, to kill any naturally occurring bacteria.

Do you sell lacto free, goat’s, sheep’s or dairy alternative milk?

No we only sell milk and dairy products from our own cows, who are born here at the farm.

Do you sell other groceries?

Yes we sell eggs, orange juice, apple juice, still water and sparkling water.

Can I have a one-off delivery?

Our service is for customers to sign up and receive milk up to 3 times a week as a standing order.

How do I pause, cancel, add or change my order?

You can amend your order using your online account.  If you are away on holiday or have too much or not enough milk or fancy a few yogurts for the weekend, you can easily let us know with just a few clicks.  You are able to amend your order up to 8pm the night before your delivery.   

What do I do with my empty bottles?

Please wash your empty glass bottles, preferably through your dish washer and leave them on your doorstep the night before we deliver. Every bottle will be sterilised in our special bottle washer to be used again and again. Our bottles are precious to us – please do not throw them out.  Plastic bottles and lids should be put into your recycling bin.

Do you need the lids back?
No thank you

How often do I need to pay?

The balance on your account will be available for you to see in your online account and we will send you an invoice every 4 weeks for the items you have received.  You can easily make your payment online.  If customers are unable to access the internet, we will leave the paper invoice with the milk delivery and payments can still be made by cash or cheque if needed.

What time will my milk be delivered?

We aim to have milk on your doorstep in time for breakfast but due to a huge increase in customers, this may be later morning.

Will you deliver on Bank Holidays?

Yes, our vans are out delivering 6 days a week, we do not deliver on Christmas Day or Sundays.

Do you sell raw milk?

We do not sell raw milk, all of our dairy products are pasteurised to eliminate any unwanted bacteria but it is not homogenized.


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